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Did you know that Unibet TV provides high-quality live broadcasts of a variety of sports? Yes, we’ve gathered dozens of different sports under one roof and strive to provide you with the best user experience possible every time you log in. Take a look at the daily schedule with upcoming broadcasts to get instant access to major matches in football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, and any other sport you can think of. This also provides you with an excellent opportunity to explore the sports universe and possibly discover something completely new? Something you haven’t heard of before? Netball is a prime example; the sport is a simplified version of basketball that was previously restricted to women only. The court, the ball, and the main rules are all based on basketball, with minor modifications. Despite the fact that netball is a relatively uncommon sight on television, the international association World Netball claims that the sport is played by over twenty million people in approximately 80 countries!

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If you’ve never seen netball before, perhaps it’s time to learn more about the sport? There are already over 70 national teams, and there will be more – netball is growing in popularity around the world, thanks in part to the digital revolution, which has enabled people from all over the world to watch live streaming from the comfort of their own homes. Why not watch a netball match live today? Unibet TV monitors all possible championships and tournaments in the sport in order to provide you with great entertainment no matter where you are. Remember that our broadcasts work just as well on computers as they do on mobile phones and tablets, so you can watch netball whenever and wherever you want. Open our calendar, find an exciting match, and keep up with the action – perhaps this will become your new favorite sport?

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In the world of netball, there are several fantastic events to choose from these days. You can, for example, follow national teams through the World Netball Championship, which occurs every four years, or set your sights on the so-called Fast5 Netball World Series. Netball is, of course, a regular feature of the Commonwealth Games, which Unibet TV will cover. To top it all off, keep in mind that we will post lucrative, market-leading odds on all netball matches – so you can watch netball while also creating advantageous betting coupons! Choose the winners of each match, then sit back and enjoy our live stream. When you combine entertainment with potential income, you’ll take the experience to new heights! It has never been easier to watch live netball, which is one of the main reasons for the sport’s growing popularity. Check to see if we have a broadcast today!