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Formula 1
Formula 1 must be near the top of your list if you enjoy motorsport. After all, this is the world’s largest, fastest, and most exciting motorsport! Formula 1 has captivated audiences worldwide since its inception in 1950, and it is now a prestigious, lightning-fast, and dangerous sport that requires maximum concentration and an infinite amount of knowledge to practice. Drivers must work their way up the ranks before they can sit in these priceless vehicles, which can reach speeds of nearly 400 kilometers per hour! Until recently, following Formula 1 was difficult due to strict licensing and a lack of specialist channels; thankfully, Unibet TV has changed that!

Formula 1 live stream
When it comes to motorsport, few things are as sumptuous and appealing as Formula 1, and this is clearly the most popular motorsport on TV out there, with over half a billion viewers regularly following the fantastic races. It is now much easier to watch Formula One live, no matter where you are! All that is required is an active Unibet TV account as well as a few hours to spare on the weekend. Open our calendar, select “Formula 1” from the menu, and see what’s going on – most of the time, you’ll be able to watch free practice, qualifying, and the race live. All races are also broadcast in HD quality, so you can see every detail of the action. Watch as Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault, and the other constructors fight for every last second in the hopes of scoring points and claiming podium positions!

Watch Formula One live on television
Our Formula 1 live stream is accessible from any device, including a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. We provide a first-rate Formula 1 live stream with professional commentators thanks to close collaboration with various channels, which means you can watch Formula 1 live TV without even turning on the television! Finally, you get immediate access to market-leading odds, and you can now bet on both the drivers and the constructors. Make a profitable betting slip before the next race, then stay and watch Formula 1 live from the comfort of your own home. With thorough preparation, you can walk away with significant winnings, preferably with the assistance of our extensive statistics! We warmly welcome you to Unibet TV, whether you already have a favorite in mind or simply want to learn more about the world’s largest motorsport. Now is the time to open the calendar and look forward to the next race, from the legendary Nürburgring to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix!