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There aren’t many people who haven’t tried their hand at darts, whether at home or at a local pub. Darts has long been a popular hobby around the world, but it is also a nerve-racking, global shooting sport that draws a lot of attention. If you’ve never seen darts played at a professional level, it’s time to learn more about the sport. Unibet TV allows you to follow various championships up close and personal with the help of high-quality live broadcasts all year long! Here’s how to watch darts live and feel the excitement radiate from the screen. Can you take a look at the annual Norwegian darts championship, for example? Or why not look into local club tournaments? Our darts live stream provides entertainment in all shapes and sizes!

Stream darts for free

If you’ve visited Unibet TV, you’re probably aware that our live broadcasts cover a wide range of sports, from football and ice hockey to cycling, golf, and Formula 1. Darts are also commonly served, especially when one of the major championships is taking place! Every year, you can watch the World Cup of Darts live on our live stream, in addition to the Premier League Darts and World Grand Prix, which are almost daily. Darts also has its own EC, World Cup, and other events that bring together all of the world’s most famous players. The excitement builds with each throw, not least because darts is a so-called game of skill, and thus has never been subject to any playing bans. By the way, you can try your luck at darts while watching the game live! Examine market-leading odds, generate lucrative betting coupons, and see if you don’t win anything during the broadcast!

Watch darts live today

Look at our calendar to see when the next darts competition begins; then make a note of the date and plan an entire evening of great fun and adrenaline-filled action. Perhaps you can watch darts today? Tournaments and clashes occur frequently around the world, particularly in Europe. Unibet TV covers everything and provides access to countless live broadcasts throughout the year. Perhaps you’d like to practice later (or ahead of time)? Why not? Most people have a dartboard in their home. Watch live darts on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet – Unibet TV works on all devices. Furthermore, our live stream is completely free to use! Remember that the Nordic Darts Masters is a well-known championship that takes place in the Nordics. Obviously, this event is on our calendar!