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Happy to cycle over long distances? Then you’ve probably watched some Tour de France races and other road cycling stages. Perhaps you enjoy mountain biking as well? In that case, you should definitely learn more about cyclocross, which is a thrilling combination of the two disciplines mentioned above! We’re talking about a relatively newcomer from the twenty first century that has benefited from renewed interest in recent decades. Cyclocross is extremely difficult, not least because the trails are rarely run in ideal weather conditions – instead, they are run from early autumn to late winter! Consider watching cyclocross live the next time you have the chance. Prepare to see powerful bikes and extremely tough athletes racing along the 2–3 kilometer tracks, where you will have to jump off the bike and carry it at times!

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Unibet TV offers a wide range of sports, including cyclocross, which is of course available. Simply log in, choose this sport from the overview, and see what’s coming up in the near future – our user-friendly calendar will give you all the information you need! Remember that the season typically runs from September to February, and the World Cup begins at the end of January. The International Cycling Union governs cyclocross events, which include a world championship, national championships, as well as the grand annual series called Superprestige, the Belgian competition called the X2O Badkamers Trophy, and the American Cyclocross Crusade. Why not attend one of these epic cyclocross races in person the next time? With the help of Unibet TV, you can watch all of the championships for free!

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Unlike many other types of cycling, cyclocross always provides for raw action from the start. Reasonably fast courses, a diverse field of die-hard riders, and challenging conditions ensure that these events (which last about an hour) always provide top-notch entertainment. Unibet TV allows you to watch these races up close and in HD quality whenever you want – as long as a championship is on. Furthermore, we will invite you to place a few pennies on your favorite cyclists, using market-leading odds and in-depth statistics to provide you with the information you require. Learn more about cyclocross today by finding a live broadcast and remembering that you can watch from any device! Yes, Unibet TV works just as well on mobile phones and tablets as it does on computers, so you can watch a cyclocross live stream no matter where you are or what time it is. Find a suitable broadcast, activate full screen mode, and sit back and enjoy the majestic excitement!