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Golf is one of today’s most popular sports, and it has been an Olympic sport for many years. Golf dates back to the 15th century in Scotland, but it has since spread to every corner of the globe, with golf courses in almost every country where millions of active players hone their skills every day. With this in mind, it is not surprising that watching golf on TV is so popular. Previously, you had to follow the TV guide and have the appropriate channels available, but with the introduction of Unibet TV, user-friendliness has reached new heights. You can now easily log in and select a suitable championship from our calendar! Yes, you can watch golf live via our live broadcasts, where professional commentators and HD quality ensure a consistently excellent experience. We keep an eye on all of the major tournaments in the golf world and begin close collaboration with TV channels to allow you to stream golf online. Are you ready to treat yourself to some fun?

Golf stream on TV for free

When you look at the calendar at Unibet TV, you will see current events from all over the world, including the extensive PGA Tour, which moves every year and makes big headlines in golf magazines. Fancy watching golf today? Of course, check to see if the British Open (officially The Open Championship), The Masters Tournament, or the US Open Championship is taking place! Unibet TV broadcasts live coverage of all four major championships, allowing you to watch golf whenever it is convenient for you. The PGA Championship is perhaps the most intriguing, with all of America’s famous courses on the schedule. Who do you think will take first place in this year’s competition? With over a hundred players vying for the trophy, it’s no surprise that competition is always tight. Browse our free live golf stream to see the great shots up close!

Watch Hovland play golf live today

Viktor Hovland seems to have made his way in the golf world recently, and is now considered to be among the very best players on the planet. How about watching Hovland golf live? At Unibet TV, anything is possible, with market-leading odds on the outcome as the icing on the cake. How many pars, birdies, and bogeys does the Norwegian expect to make on the next course? Will he take the gold once more? You don’t have to look for golf on TV today; our calendar includes the Asian Tour, the Senior PGA Championship, the LPGA, and other great tournaments all under one roof. You can even watch live amateur golf tournaments! Unibet TV serves up the options on a silver platter; all that remains is for you to select a live broadcast!