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There is hardly anyone who has not watched some game with a bat and a ball at some point in their lives – the history of this type of sport dates back hundreds of years, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly when baseball first appeared. Baseball’s history is generally traced back to the end of the 18th century, but the first official game took place in the middle of the 19th century. Are you one of those who doesn’t fully understand baseball and how it works? Yes, the rules may appear complicated at first, which is why you have Unibet TV available! No matter where you are, you can watch baseball live with us via high-quality live broadcasts. Find a baseball game, open our free live stream, and follow the action on the screen – you’ll quickly understand how everything works, which rules apply, and why baseball is so popular around the world.

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Despite the fact that baseball never really took off in Norway, the sport is incredibly beautiful to watch – especially if you focus on the world’s largest and most popular league, the MLB (Major League Baseball) in the United States. This league is divided into two parts: The National League and the American League, both with 15 teams, fight for first place in their respective “divisions”. Games take place all year, both during the regular season and in the off-season. You can also catch incredible “All-Star” games. Why not look for something exciting in our calendar right now? With a few clicks, you’ll be in front of a long list of live baseball games featuring familiar teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Each broadcast is in high definition and can be viewed on any device. Getting into baseball has never been easier!

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Unibet TV prioritizes usability, so you’ll have no trouble finding a baseball stream today. Simply select baseball from the menu to see the upcoming games right away! Remember that we offer both regular odds and live odds on every match, so it’s simple to make a few pennies with a little knowledge and intuition. Get a full betting slip with all of the day’s matches in place before you sit back and enjoy the action-packed experience up close! Because baseball is an outdoor sport, games are usually played during the day in the United States, so our broadcasts are usually in the evening here in Europe. Perfect for all-night entertainment in a good chair! Discover why baseball is gaining popularity in North America and other countries around the world!