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Boxing matches have always captured attention around the world – for countless years, people have gathered in front of their televisions to watch the next big clash between powerful, tough fighters. We’ve seen many famous people over the years, including George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Rocky Marciano, and the legendary Muhammad Ali. How many live boxing matches have you seen? Unfortunately, such broadcasts are often difficult to find on television, but modern times, thankfully, offer modern possibilities! Yes, you can now watch boxing live on your computer or mobile phone via live streaming! Unibet TV serves up all of the biggest matches on a silver platter, regardless of weight class or association in question. Now, how about looking through the calendar and finding a free boxing match?

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One of the benefits of being a boxing fan is that there is always something exciting to look forward to. All federations, whether WBA, WBC, WBO, WPBF, IBO, or the European Boxing Federation EBU, try to entertain viewers with fantastic clashes between big, powerful boxers. Each federation selects its own champions, and professional boxers strive to obtain as many “belts” as possible from all of them. With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that Unibet TV is jam-packed with exciting boxing events! Best of all? All matches are available wherever you are, without the need to look for the appropriate TV channel. Simply log in and select “Boxing” from our menu to view the upcoming events. Do you have a specific match in mind? Open the calendar and select the relevant date! Watch boxing live via our live stream today, right?

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Stop by Unibet TV and you’ll always find something interesting to watch. Furthermore, why not take advantage of our lucrative odds in the same round? Market-leading odds allow you to profit handsomely from various boxing matches, regardless of weight class. With so many fantastic opportunities, becoming an expert in the sport of boxing is simple! The more fights you watch, the more you will learn about martial arts. How long will the next big clash last? Will it be a knockout, or will the judges decide who wins? Follow along for up to 12 rounds, where hard-hitting action will radiate from the screen. No matter where you are! Unibet TV allows you to watch boxing on both your computer and mobile device, ensuring that you never miss a fight. Stick with your favorites and watch them shine in the ring – we provide high quality in every broadcast to provide an immersive experience throughout. Ready to get started? Open the overview now and watch boxing live!