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Despite the fact that floorball has a relatively short history, it is very popular in certain European countries, particularly Norway and Sweden, where it is a regular feature of school sports lessons. Indoor bandy, or “floorball” as it is known in English, first appeared in the 1960s in Sweden as a way to practice ice hockey during the warmer months of the year. Floorball has had its own international federation since then, which, of course, organizes exciting championships at regular intervals. If you enjoy the sport or want to learn more about it, the next exciting match is never far away. All you have to do is log in to Unibet TV and look at the flexible calendar – or select “Indoor Bandy” from the menu to see what’s on the schedule. Using our live broadcasts, you can watch floorball in HD quality in real time!

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One of the best things about Unibet TV is that our live floorball stream works flawlessly on any device, be it a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. So, no matter where you are, you can watch floorball live whenever it is convenient for you. Maybe you’ve heard that the World Indoor Bandy Championship is about to start? Make a list of the dates and matches you want to watch, and then go to Unibet TV. The World Cup is held every two years in various European cities; if it becomes too far to travel, our broadcasts will assist you in getting there. The sport is dominated by Sweden and Finland, but perhaps the Norwegian national team will surprise us next time? It’s also worth noting that you can bet on floorball while the games are still going on. Our live odds are the best in the market, and it’s simple to make a comprehensive betting slip with all possible clashes side by side. This is how the odds will climb to astronomical heights!

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Leaving aside massive championships with national teams at the center of the action, it is worthwhile to look at various tournaments and cups in floorball. The massive EuroFloorball Cup, which begins every year and brings together all of Europe’s best floorball teams, is one example. The Champions Cup, football’s equivalent to the Champions League, is at least as popular. Unibet TV allows you to stream floorball whenever such events begin, ensuring that you never miss the next match. Learn more about floorball and how it is played at the professional level. Fast, action-packed, nerve-wracking, and extremely demanding, with well-known stars who frequently steal the show. Perhaps you’ll discover your own favorites? Furthermore, floorball may become an Olympic sport in the future, in which case your knowledge will be useful. Take advantage of the opportunities at Unibet TV and see if you don’t end up becoming a devoted fan of the sport!