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Chess is one of the world’s oldest traditional board games, with roots dating back to the seventh century. Since then, the chessboard has changed little, while the game’s popularity has resulted in countless championships, leagues, competitions, and other exciting events. If you haven’t yet become acquainted with chess, you have a golden opportunity with Unibet TV – with us, you can follow all clashes live, via a high-quality live stream! Whether you want to follow Magnus Carlsen’s journey through the chess universe or keep an eye on other brilliant players, we’ve got you covered. Watch chess whenever you want, no matter where you are – our user-friendly overview and calendar provide access to all possible live broadcasts, from the World Chess Championship to minor events. All you need is an active account and a few hours of your time!

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Chess has long been a popular board game around the world, but with the advent of digital media, millions of people have rediscovered the strategic game. Not least after powerful computers began competing against the world’s chess masters! Nowadays, you can watch live chess broadcasts on the web, and Unibet TV is a great resource for those who want to watch chess live. Simply choose the game from the menu, open the calendar, and see if you can find something interesting to follow! Aside from the frantic World Chess Championship, which is held on a regular basis, you can also keep an eye on the Chess Olympics, the European Chess Championship, the Junior World Chess Championship, and other similar events, which all appear in tandem with a variety of favorable odds. Remember that all of our live chess broadcasts are free, and that you can access Unibet TV via PC, mobile, or tablet. Ready to dive into the excitement?

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Stream chess from the comfort of your armchair or while relaxing in the tub – we’ve got what you need, when you need it. Chess is played between people of all ages, and each match can last for several hours. We’ll be splurging on live odds along the way, so you can use both your intuition and your knowledge. Perhaps you’d like to make a lengthy betting slip in which the total odds soar to incredible heights? Over half a billion people are estimated to play chess on a regular basis, with nearly 200,000 of them holding an official rating (FIDE rating). Why not choose your favorites and keep an eye on our chess live stream? Unibet TV serves up all the possibilities on a silver platter; simply log in and open our calendar. There is no more difficult or demanding board game than chess – watch the geniuses clash today!